Window of Opportunity

After that new house officially becomes yours but before you move into, is the ideal window of time in which to take care of not only cleaning the place, painting the walls and finishing the floors, but also chores like these.

  • Changing the locks. The previous owners could’ve given keys to friends, relatives or contractors. Who knows how many copies are out there or who has them? Save some money ( and have even greater peace of mind) when hiring a locksmith by providing locks you’ve chosen and bought yourself.
  • Having the HVAC system serviced. General home inspections don’t include thorough examination of HVAC equipment. Having it serviced before moving in means breathing cleaner air in your new house and lessening the risk of a failure of your cooling/heating equipment at a time when you really need it to be working.
  • Pest Control. If you spot any evidence of pests in your new house, now’s the time to hire a pest-control expert. Spraying an empty house is not only quicker and easier (therefore possibly cheaper!), nut more effective too.
  • Electrical Work. Whether you just want to add more electrical outlets or turn your house into a smart home, performing electrical upgrades before moving in means having no furniture to work around and being able to hide wires behind walls before you paint or wallpaper them to your liking.
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